Air Duct Cleaning


While dirty dishes and stained carpets can be annoying to your eyes, checking the cleanliness of your air ducts is probably the last thing on your mind. Air ducts can be left dirty, dusty, and moldy while going unnoticed. Never fear; improving your air quality is what we do best. Whether you smell mold, your children or spouse suffer from allergies when the air is on, or your ducts have vermin crawling in them, our air duct-cleaning experts are here to help. HomeStar is fully committed to being high quality, so we can ensure the cleanliness and accuracy of your air ducts. 

During routine air duct cleaning a service agent will perform a number of tasks. Though the routine may be adjusted to suit the nature of your home, in general you can expect the following tasks to take place:

  • Outdoor ventilation equipment is used to get dust and debris outside
  • All ports and doors opened to ensure the entire system is cleaned and inspected
  • Furnishing and carpeting will be protected 
  • Duct surfaces will be brushed 
  • Ductwork protected by sealing and re-insulating across holes 

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