Become a Service Partner


How Do I Get Work?

The beauty of HomeStar Pro is that we have built our system around your schedule so that you can access it anywhere, anytime. Once you confirm your target area and availability, we will send you real time alerts when new customers have requested a need for the services you provide. You have the option to manage requests online via email or through our mobile HSP Service Provider app, available on iTunes and Google Play. When you receive a request in your area in your designated time frame, click “confirm” and you will be linked to the job. Off you go!

How Do I Get Paid?

Once a job has been marked complete, your earnings will be credited into your HSP wallet. Once serviced, a customer has 24 hours to review your job while your payment awaits approval. After 24 hours, and with no customer disputes, the service will be confirmed by HSP staff. HSP will send you a check weekly for all of your completed jobs.

What Can Go Wrong?

HomeStar Pro has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy for our customers. Our first priority is to make sure that contractors are set up with an excellent base of quality customers and a platform that allows them to provide adequate services in a seamless and efficient manner. It’s imperative to us to keep both our providers and our customers happy! Our main focus is to make sure that providers have delivered all requested services completely, neatly, and appropriately. We have strict cancellation policies for both contractors and customers to keep everyone happy and compliant. Both customers and providers will face a penalty if they cancel a service request within 24 hours. We also implement a mutual rating system for customers and providers. Both customers and providers with ratings below three stars will be carefully monitored.

The Benefits

  • Secure relationships with thousands of customers nationwide, resulting in predictable recurring business for your company.
  • Receive exponentially more opportunities in your local area.
  • Gain access to fully integrated technology solutions which you can access from anywhere, anytime, allowing you to manage your business more efficiently and professionally.